Our Story

New Future Developments has a solid history of developing and building quality new communities throughout Western Canada. Based in Kamloops, the company has built more than 500 homes, including a mix of retirement care facilities, townhomes and apartments.

Our team, led by company founder and President, Mike Rink, represents decades of experience in development, architectural design, customer service and construction management. And because all these professionals are housed under one company umbrella, homeowners are assured of a lasting commitment to quality from the time the first architectural pencil stroke hits the paper until the last stone is laid.

But at the center of every development is a common thread. Each site, each design, and each construction decision is made to enrich the lives of the people who will live there. We do this by finding the most extraordinary sites in very desirable and sometimes undiscovered locations and then building the best suited new communities that will add value to the area and create beautiful places for people to live and play.

This all goes back to the idea that we want our buyers, the people who visit our communities, and those living in surrounding areas to have more happiness and moments of joy because of what we do. We think that if more people are experiencing indelible moments of happiness because of where we build, how we build and how it feels living there, then we’re well on our way to meeting our goal of building a better future.